RI Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Rank six vital Gu, The Spring Autumn Cicada!

During the process of refining, the Gu counterattacked!

At this time, the Liquor worm that had inherited the Flower Wine Monk’s extremely strong will invaded his aperture, brazenly counterattacking at Fang Yuan.

This strong willpower descended from above, surging down towards the bottom of the aperture where the green copper primeval sea was. The waves in the sea tumbled, setting off bursts of high tide. Under Fang Yuan’s will, large amounts of primeval essence rose upwards to the sky and gathered together, forming a towering monster wave, brazenly accepting the incoming Liquor worm’s will.

Just as both sides were about to collide viciously in the middle of the aperture, a faint image of a Gu worm emerged in a blank area between the two energies.

This was a cicada. The cicada’s body was not large; if the Moonlight Gu was described as a blue crystal shaped like a curved moon, then this cicada would be a delicate craftwork that was made from palm wood and tree leaves by a master craftsman.

The Gu sported a brownish yellow head and abdomen. Its surface had the texture of a tree’s growth rings, as if it had witnessed countless years. On its back were two very wide and translucent wings, like two tree leaves overlapping. The wings had similar structure; this structure was like a typical net-vein leaf. The center had a coarse stem, and from this stem sprouted out a network vein of leaf lines on both sides.

The Spring Autumn Cicada!

It had been startled. It was just like a giant beast, usually hiding in its cave in a deep sleep. But suddenly it was awakened, furthermore learning that its territory had been violated.

Who dares to come into my turf and act wildly!

As if its dignity was offended, the Spring Autumn Cicada was angry and let out a whiff of aura; the aura was weak yet powerful. It was like the surging Milky Way, rolling forth with vast and mighty waves; it would sweep across mountains for ten thousands of miles, or submerge a broad desert!

To be compared to this aura, the Liquor worm’s will was like the case of an ant meeting an elephant!

The aura swept around and expanded, just like a raised invisible tsunami. The invading will of the Liquor worm did not even have the ability to withstand it; it was immediately swallowed whole by this aura.

Fang Yuan felt depressed. The green copper primeval essence that he had thrust forward with his might collided with this aura like it was a wave crashing onto a great mountain. In a moment the condensed primeval essence disintegrated and dispersed into rain, scattering down to the primeval sea.

The waves on the primeval sea rose one after another; it was like a rainstorm had just swept across, increasing its turbulence.

But after a few seconds, the Spring Autumn Cicada’s aura spread down, pressing onto the primeval sea.


Fang Yuan felt like he heard a buzz. In an instant, the rolling waves on the sea calmed down. The Spring Autumn Cicada’s aura firmly repressed the entire primeval sea, just like an invisible mountain pressing down. The surface of the sea was calm like a mirror, not a single wave rolling about. It was like an originally crumpled piece of paper; a boundless giant hand covering over it suddenly, flattening it.

This was easily an incomparable power!

Fang Yuan felt a pressure weighing like an enormous invisible mountain pressing down on his heart. He compared it to Sun Wukong being pressed down by the Five Elements Mountain; Fang Yuan could not even mobilize a single pint of primeval essence.

However although he was shocked, he was not afraid. In fact his heart felt great joy.

“I didn’t think the Spring Autumn Cicada would actually follow me and be reborn together! So it’s actually not a one-time use Gu worm, but one that can be used again repeatedly.”

The Spring Autumn Cicada was a Rank six grade, and it was the first Rank six Gu in Fang Yuan’s previous life, as well as his last. Just to make it, Fang Yuan had used all means and resources, wasting an incredible amount of strength, using thirty years of fermenting to finally succeed.

But not long after he succeeded, when the Spring Autumn Cicada was still fresh from the oven, warriors of the Righteous faction felt Fang Yuan’s threat and gathered together to attack and kill him.

After being reborn, Fang Yuan did not find the Spring Autumn Cicada, so he thought it had died. But in reality it had fallen into a deep sleep, resting inside Fang Yuan’s body.

To travel back five hundred years in an instant was a huge blow to its vitality. It was too weak, so weak that even Fang Yuan as its master could not feel it. Right now even though the Spring Autumn Cicada had appeared, its situation was still bad.

After being reborn it had always been resting in a deep sleep. To appear right now was because it had felt the danger that the aperture was facing; it could be said that the Liquor worm’s will had awakened it.

It was weak, very weak, extremely weak.

In Fang Yuan’s memories, the original Spring Autumn Cicada was full of vitality. Its body was like a precious floorboard, giving out a warm and glossy varnish. Its two wings were verdant green, like two soft tree leaves that had just freshly sprouted.

But right now, there was a strong and deathly chill emanating from the body of the cicada. There was no shine or gloss from its body, making it feel rough and dim like dead wood. Its wings were not the colour of soft and green leaves; they were fully yellow, just like the withering leaves of autumn. The tips of its wings were slightly rolled up, a little incomplete, just like the corner of fallen leaves.

Seeing this, Fang Yuan felt both distressed and lucky. He was distressed because the Spring Autumn Cicada suffered such a heavy blow; it was barely a step away from death, just a foot away from the edge of a cliff.

The fortunate thing was, thank heavens the Spring Autumn Cicada was weak to this point, or else he would be in great trouble!

One must know, between a Gu Master and a Gu, both must complement each other, the best would be both having the same rank.

A Rank one Gu Master should use a Rank one Gu – this was the most appropriate. If the Gu’s grade was lower than the Gu Master, when the Gu Master uses it, it would be the equivalent of a strong man carrying a small stick, the strength output would be small. If the Gu’s grade was higher than the Gu Master, when the Gu Master uses it, it would be the example of a small child carrying a heavy axe, unable to wield it properly.

The Spring Autumn Cicada was a Rank six Gu, and Fang Yuan was just a Rank one initial stage Gu Master. To use an image as example, the Spring Autumn Cicada would be a mountain, and Fang Yuan would be a squirrel. If the squirrel wanted to use the mountain to beat its enemy, the squirrel would just be squashed flat by the mountain at the first second.

If the Spring Autumn Cicada was at its peak state, Fang Yuan’s weak Rank one aperture could not even tolerate it; the majestic aura of the cicada would just make the aperture burst to death.

Fortunately it was at its weakest state, so Fang Yuan’s aperture could accommodate it right now.

“I gave up the Moonlight Gu, going through all the lengths to find the Liquor worm just to refine it into my vital Gu. But in reality I already had a vital Gu from the start, the Spring Autumn Cicada is my vital Gu!” Fang Yuan’s heart was filled with emotion as he felt the close connection between him and the Spring Autumn Cicada.

The vital Gu is the first Gu that a Gu Master refines. It is terribly important, and would affect the future development of a Gu Master by a large extent.

If a vital Gu is well picked, the Gu Master’s development will become smoother. When the vital Gu is of a poor grade, to a Gu Master it would just drag down his cultivation and let peers surpass him. The more important thing is that it would affect the matter of life and death in a battle.

Fang Yuan was clear on this point, so he was not satisfied after choosing the Gu Yue village’s signature Moonlight Gu. He just had to go all the way to find the Liquor worm.

In his memory to a Rank one Gu Master, the Liquor worm was already considered a high quality pick. The Moonlight Gu was just a choice that was slightly above average.

But life is fascinating, because no one will ever know what is waiting for him or her at the next moment.

Fang Yuan had refined the Spring Autumn Cicada in his previous life. After his rebirth the Spring Autumn Cicada fell into a deep sleep, but the connection between them still existed. In fact Fang Yuan found that, as if going through the refinement of the River of Time, his connection with the Spring Autumn Cicada had grown even closer and mysterious than his previous life. It was just because the Spring Autumn Cicada was too weak, so Fang Yuan was not aware of it.

Therefore in the real sense, the Spring Autumn Cicada is the first Gu that he had refined. The only thing was that the Spring Autumn Cicada was not refined in his current life, but the result of hard work in his previous life of 500 years.

The Spring Autumn Cicada was Fang Yuan’s vital Gu.

A Rank one Gu Master, having a Rank six vital Gu!

If this sort of thing was said out loud, it is expected that no one would believe such a thing! This has already broken the limits of human cognition!

But yet, that is exactly what happened. The truth is beyond doubt.

“The Liquor worm as a vital Gu is already one of the best choices, but when you compare it to the Spring Autumn Cicada, it is just like scum on the ground! My vital Gu in this life is actually the Spring Autumn Cicada, ha ha ha….”

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20 thoughts on “RI Chapter 19”

  1. Hahaha! What an intriguing chapter! It’s quite satisfying knowing that this little cheat is the result of his hard work, rather than some random luck.

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  2. “There was the texture of growth rings of a tree on its surface, as if it had witnessed many years.” Awkwardly worded sentence, let me try fixing it.
    “Its surface had the texture of a tree’s growth rings, as if it had witnessed countless years.” There we go. Oh and change “Its head and abdomen were brownish yellow” to “The Gu sported a brownish yellow head and abdomen.”
    So that we avoid repeating sentence structure. And it feels slightly more majestic (I think?).

    “But in reality I already had a vital Gu from the state, the Spring Autumn Cicada is my vital Gu!” -> typo: state should be start.

    I like how the MC’s MacGuffin in this novel is not BS like oh look, I randomly found XYZ. Rather, he worked hard and planned out the acquisition of this Gu and now that he’s used it it’s still with him. And the way it has been used to suppress Liquor worm is very believable. It provides a solution to his problem but it doesn’t feel like an ass-pull.
    But wait, doesn’t that mean FY is in trouble? His vital Gu is about to die. Wasn’t that like, insta-death or something for the owner?

    Thanks for the chapters! Looking forward to where this is going, it just gets better and better. If until now this was a novel that showed some promise, I can firmly say that this is a diamond in the rough! Also, please be aware that there have been quite some problems with Qidian International bullying translators.

    Relevant links in this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/noveltranslations/comments/6cp1ag/please_use_this_thread_to_discuss_the_wuxiaworld/

    Might wanna keep a lookout. I dunno if this is one of their novels or not. Hate to ruin your day 😦

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    1. Thanks, I applied your excellent suggestions into the chapter and corrected the typo ^^

      This novel is mainly about Fang Yuan working hard to achieve his goal instead of some BS cheat, and no, as long as the owner lives the vital Gu normally won’t die (unless the owner does it on purpose…)

      It’s a diamond in the rough indeed. I’ve seen plenty of Chinese commenting on how they don’t feel like reading anything else after reading this novel, because it is above 70% of the entire web novel site’s quality in general, wahahaha! Well they do have an incredible number of web novels and most of them are indeed trash, but I agree with them. I’m not saying this as a translator of the novel but as a fan, it really is written well and is unique among CN novels.

      Yeah I’m aware, it’s hard not to when it is all over Novelupdates forums and Reddit 😛 But I’m not affected so far. I hope Qidian never comes looking for me. I also wonder if I should approach the author and tell him about his international fans and stuff, I follow him secretly (-w-;;)

      From what I understand, Qidian bullies (threatens?) translators into joining them and translating their works. While RI here is a Qidian novel, firstly I’m an independent group from WW atm, and I don’t think WW will take Qidian novels anymore (Q_Q) and I’m just pretty much ‘alone’ so hopefully Qidian doesn’t notice me… RI as Gu Zhen Ren in China isn’t that popular from what I gather, as fans have said “好书不走火” when talking about this novel… Which kinda means good books are not popular. Qidian might not care about me doing this novel atm. Hopefully.

      So yeah, I’m just cooped up in here, in this corner of the web, doing my own thing, hoping not to be affected 😛 Enjoying the fans, reading the comments ^^)/

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      1. That’s great for us (maybe not so much for the author XD). Makes sense. There isn’t really any way for big groups to take in novels from Q without backlash so they’re on their own atm.

        Just keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll see where we can go! Thanks for the compliment ^^

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  3. Thanks for the chapter Skyfarrow! This is basically winning the lottery. Wonder if he’ll refine the Liquor Gu as his second one and use it as cover.


  4. Is it wrong that I kinda hope that it gets stronger faster than he does and kills him, thus forcing him to start over again?

    I wonder if he’ll announce that he’s finished refining to take first place and get those 20 stones? I can’t think of a reason he wouldn’t so long as they can’t tell what kind of gu he’s refined, while still being able to tell that he’s refined one.

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