NGTM Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Peeves

The next day, Benjamin was cutting his steak elegantly as usual.

Draco had an angry look on his face.

“What’s wrong with you?” Pansy asked worriedly.

Draco snorted, he didn’t think that he would see Harry and Ron today, furthermore the two of them have elated expressions.

Benjamin places a small piece of beef into his mouth and chewed carefully.

Still feeling a bit curious, but Benjamin was not impatient. As Frank will certainly tell him anything as long as he manages to enter Harry’s group.

“Benjamin, I felt that you are in a good mood” Draco suddenly said.

Benjamin felt stunned and said “really?”

Draco did not reply after saying that.

Such an weird youth! Benjamin could not help it but to exclaim.

After having his food, Benjamin walked into Transfigurations classroom.

After going through several lessons, most students are able to perform some basic Transfiguration.

“Benjamin, are you not curious about what Harry and friends saw last night?” Benjamin is already used to Frank sitting next to him every Transfigurations class.

“Oh, I am not curious” Benjamin said indifferently, he is listening carefully to Professor McGonagall’s lesson as today they are learning how to turn beetles in buttons.

“Frank, if you keep looking at me your beetle may fly away” Benjamin reminded him coldly

“Well, let me tell you what I saw yesterday, I followed Harry and friends and we entered the fourth-floor right corridor.”

Benjamin understood what Professor McGonagall was teaching, using his wand he gently prods the beetle’s outer shell.

“The place where the principal said to not enter?” Benjamin finally glanced at Frank

It is very clear to Frank that it is a sign that Benjamin is becoming interested.

“We had no choice, we were getting chased by Filch, I have to say, that muggles ears are really sensitive.”

Benjamin continued to look at Frank, signalling for him to continue his story.

“Then we found Neville in the corridor. Neville was the first to found that thing, the thing is a three-headed dog, a Cerberus” Frank said excitedly.

“A Cerberus, ha-ha, that is a really good thing” Benjamin said.

Cerberus, Benjamin had seen in a book about magical creatures. That Cerberus is a really ferocious magical creature.

“Why would Dumbledore place such a terrifying creature in school, what in the world is he trying to guard?”

For the rest of the class, Benjamin is thinking about what Cerberus is guarding

So finally, when the bells for class dismissal was about to ring, Benjamin lazily turned the beetle into a button.

“Mr Ludwig, although you did it really slowly, the end product is very well done” professor McGonagall said while looking at Benjamin’s solid coloured buttons.

Frank grumbled “it feels so stressful sitting with you guys”

Correct, sitting around him are Benjamin, Draco and Hermione the three top students.

Benjamin glanced at him, if he was not pondering for so long, he would have purposely finish it earlier.

At night.

The bloody baron enters into Benjamin’s room as scheduled, by his side there was a fat little ghost whose head is drooping down.

“Peeves?” Benjamin looked up and asked, this ghost is so infamous that when all the freshman hears his name their goosebumps will stand up.

Especially if you are a freshman rushing for class, then encountering Peeves is a disaster.

However, Peeves are scared of two people, they are Dumbledore and the Bloody Baron.

“Oh, where did this freshman come from! Are you not afraid of me! After all I am Peeves!”

Benjamin gave Peeves a funny look.

He has to admit that Hogwart’s ghosts has a high intelligence furthermore they were all formed naturally.

“Peeves? Do you really think that I will be afraid of you?” Benjamin carefully observes peeves, this natural ghost really is the best gift from nature.

“I, how would I fear you! After all you are only a little kiddo! Let me tell you, I have lived for hundreds of years!” Peeves screeched out.

The Bloody Baron does not stop Peeves as he knows that Benjamin has the capability to deal with ghosts.

“Of course, you will not be afraid of me, because you are not a ghost, as I get a different sensation from your body. Very fascinating, look at the Bloody Baron, you and him are totally different.” Benjamin stared till Peeves felt his hair standing.

Peeves who was never afraid of anything, will never admit that he is a little afraid of this little kid.

Benjamin rose and took out his wand, casting a spell that Peeves has never heard of.

Then peeves found out that he seems to be entangled in an invisible net and was unable to move.

“You are that kid that scared me on the first day aren’t you!” Peeves viciously said while squirming around frantically but it didn’t help at all.

“What spell is this, it’s so hateful.”

Benjamin did not even move his eyelid as he believes that under his spell, Peeves won’t be able to move.

Walking towards Peeves, Benjamin took his wand and thrust it into Peeves body.

“Still transparent, essentially still a ghost” Benjamin started to study Peeves seriously like a professor.

“However, you can still pick things up, which many ghosts cannot do” of course Benjamin did not include the bBoody Baron.

As the Baron was personally refined by Benjamin, there are huge differences when comparing him to Hogwart’s ghost.

“You’re so mischievous, I wonder why? I feel like you are like a little kid” Benjamin’s voice became charming and smooth like velvet when it became softer.

Peeves has an ugly look on its face, he has already given up on trying to break free, he only wants use his hands to cover his ears.

“It looks like I am correct, you were once a Hogwarts student, right?”

Benjamin continued to question Peeves, Benjamin took advantage of Peeves astonishment to sprinkle some white powder into his eyes.

“This, what is this! It hurts, it’s so uncomfortable!” Peeves shouted unhappily.

At this point, Benjamin was able to touch Peeves body

“Does it hurt? Of course, it will hurt, that powder makes ghost solidify, it’s one of my favourite things to refine. The ingredients required to make it are very common but there are many uses for it and it is really useful against ghosts.”

Benjamin pinched Peeves’ forehead using his small white hand and said.

“You originated from feelings, right? That’s really amazing, I did not think that there would be such a ghost. Are you willing to follow me? I can help you fulfil your wishes, all you need to do is to tell me what they are and I will fulfil them if you follow me.


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