NGTM Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: The Midnight Duel

“Dumb baby Potter managed to join the school team! Has Professor McGonagall gone crazy? Wood the Captain of the Gryffindor team has also gone crazy!” Draco grumbled after knowing that Harry would be the youngest quidditch player in about a century.  

Benjamin had to listen to him grumble constantly while eating.

“Benjamin, pass me the butter, thanks.” obviously, even Pansy also felt irritated, she tried to interrupt Draco’s rant in that way.

Benjamin shrugged and passed the butter over to Pansy.

Benjamin felt that ignoring Draco is the most effective way to deal with him.

At noon, a large group of owls flew into the dining hall, dropped packages of various sizes to their respective owners and then flew out.

In a distance, Harry had received a long, thin parcel.

“Do not open? What is this?” Ron who was sitting next to Harry asked, appearing to be very curious.

While Frank was sitting on the other side of Harry, with his hard work he managed to become close with Harry and Ron.

But because of Frank’s relationship with Hermione, Ron doesn’t really like him.

“You should leave Hermione alone. Didn’t you realised that she doesn’t even have a single friend?”

Frank’s mouth deflated, at least he believes that him and Neville could be considered as Hermione friends.

“Hey what do you think that it, could it be a baguette for dumb baby Potter’s dinner? From his ridiculous muggle relatives?” Draco seemed to have his spirits raised.

However, Benjamin still didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

Benjamin started to visit the school library every day to read books.

However, he found out that that even in Hogwarts library that claimed to have the most complete collections of books there are no records of Necromancy.

The only explanation was that Necromancy is a magic that did not exist here.

“Maybe I can become the founder of Necromancy, that sounds like an excellent title.”

Benjamin is now thinking to himself, on how should he introduce and promote Necromancy.

Of course, his main priority now was to increase his strength as soon as possible.

He has a feeling that he is about to advance to a mid-tier wizard.

In his world, in order to advance he needed to pass the test from the Magic and Meditation association.

However, in this world there is no Magic and Meditation association.

After lunch, Benjamin and Draco went for quidditch again.

Then they saw that Harry and Ron were happily opening the package.

Frank saw Benjamin and smiled at him.

“Did that muggle smile at you? You Germans seemed to be well liked here” Draco nervously said.

Harry and Ron walked over towards Benjamin and Draco.

Their target was Draco, at that moment Draco started to turn pale.

“Hey Malfoy, look at this Nimbus 2000, doesn’t it look beautiful! I heard that you used a comet 260 back at the Malfoy manor, ha-ha, although it’s not bad, but it simply cannot be compared to the Nimbus 2000!”

As Ron was speaking he also made gestures, which infuriated Draco.

Frank walked towards Benjamin and said “brooms are like sport shoes worn by famous players, I don’t really understand why wizards are so fascinated with brooms.”

Benjamin pretended that he was interested, compared to muggle football he was more accepting of quidditch.

In the end, both Draco and Harry stopped arguing and agreed to a wizard’s duel before Madam Hooch arrived.

“My assistant, my assistant will be Benjamin!” Draco said to Ron.

Benjamin who got selected confusedly asked “what does this have to do with me?” he really don’t want to mingle around with these little kids.

Draco waited till class was over before explaining to Benjamin.

“A wizard duel happens when two wizards agree on a location and starts dueling using magic. The role of the assistant is to take over if their wizard dies during the duel” Draco then added “Of course I will not kill harry, although I really want to but don’t worry, in the first place I thought that Harry wouldn’t accept my challenge to a duel”

Then Draco lowered his voice “I setted the location of the duel at the trophy room tonight, we don’t even need to go i can simply just tell Filch about it.”

Obviously, Draco felt proud to think of that idea.

Benjamin felt that it doesn’t really matter, of course he would rather not go if possible.

So, the two decided to not attend the wizard duel later.

At night, Benjamin nestled in his bed alone, the bloody baron was swaying around his bed.

“Stop swaying around, your swaying makes me feel dizzy.” Benjamin said to the bloody baron.

“Okay Master. Master I wanted to ask if you have been continuing your meditation?” After Benjamin told the baron that he might advance soon, the bloody baron began to actively help Benjamin look for ways to help him advance.

“I have asked several very old ghosts, although they don’t know that there is a standard of magic grading, they told me that in order to advance you need to stimulate your potential.”

Benjamin pondered after listening to that advice “You mean I need to fight with an enemy that is stronger than me in order to stimulate my potential?”

“However, those in this school that hits the requirement are the seniors and faculty, if I take the initiative to challenge them no one would be willing accept my challenge.” Benjamin felt frustrated as he understood how hard it is for him to advance.

“Forget it, let’s not think about it for now. These few days I feel like studying the ghosts of Hogwarts, bring me to see them tomorrow night or you could bring a ghost to me.” Benjamin had long wanted to study the ghosts of Hogwarts as they seem to be formed naturally, completely different from the refining of dead creatures in his world.

The steps to refine a ghost are a lot easier compared to refining a zombie.

The two refining methods are similar in the need of fresh corpses otherwise it would be impossible to extract a complete soul.

After taking out the soul the fleshy body will be useless. Because a ghost is simply a corrupted soul.

However, to refine a ghost, the accuracy requirement required for it is very high.

As long as there is a slightest mistake when the Necromancer corrupts the soul, it will affect the success of the experiment, the ghost character and it’s ability.

Benjamin being a perfectionist is even more stricter on himself.

Back when Benjamin was making the Bloody Baron he wanted to make his soul even more evil, leading to Benjamin slaughtering the Baron’s family in front of him.

Benjamin was very proud of having such a history.



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