NGTM Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: The Wonderful Potions Lesson

The sudden appearance of Professor McGonagall and Harry’s ensuing departure quickly took everyone’s attention from the mysterious whirlwind.

Hermione looked at Ron with an anxious expression and asked Frank, “Is Harry going to be okay? Professor McGonagall shouldn’t expel him; I’ve looked through the school rules and that didn’t go against them.”

Frank shrugged his shoulders, as he didn’t really care about what would happen to Harry Potter, after all, but he had to pretend to be concerned as he had to obey Benjamin’s order.

“Trust me Hermione, it’s Potter, Harry Potter, how would he be expelled? Professor McGonagall would not……” Frank didn’t managed to finish what he was saying before he was interrupted.

“Yeah, Professor McGonagall isn’t dumb. Hey there Frank, I’m Ron Weasley, now that you aren’t hanging around that Slytherin, you don’t look so bad.” Ron pointed towards Benjamin.

Benjamin was feeling bored being in the midst of students who couldn’t stop talking, listening to their unrealistic ideas.

For example, whether or not Professor McGonagall had fallen in love with Harry.

Well, in his opinion, this kind of relationship didn’t mean a thing. He had heard that in the past, there was a necromancer and banshee who were in a relationship. You needed to understand that the banshee was 200 years older than the necromancer.

Apart from Quidditch, Benjamin’s first week of lessons went smoothly.

If you were wondering what his favourite lessons are, without a single doubt it is: Potions.

Potions. Simply listening to that word, Benjamin felt that he could hear the bubbling sounds coming out from the cauldron.

Although he doesn’t use the cauldron much before, as necromancers seldom requires it, however if it concerns experiments, in Benjamin eyes it is just wonderful.

If it was possible to add a few dead Rats, a Woman’s finger and a Cat’s left eye into the cauldron, maybe Benjamin would be happier.

Professor Snape a man with a hooked nose and black greasy hair, always dressed in a dull black cloak but in Benjamin’s eyes he is a man worthy of his respect.

The two of them are similar in their dislike of noisy and stupid things.

Fortunately, Longbottom was still in the sick bay during potions otherwise he would be berated by Professor Snape.

“Oh, isn’t this Potter, Harry Potter, our saviour” Professor Snape exclaimed in an opera singing voice as he turned mean after seeing him.

Harry had just returned from Professor McGonagall’s office and had a pleasant expression on his face.

“Oh, Ron, I felt that he has something against me” Harry said angrily.

Ron worryingly looked into the cauldron, glanced at professor Snape and said, “Dude, anyone with a discerning eye can clearly see that. I heard that he turns a blind eye to Slytherin’s mistakes, hates Gryffindor, you definitely don’t want to mess with him.”

Snape then asked Harry a few basic questions in a row, Harry could not answer them.

“Benjamin, I think I am going to give Harry a nickname and call him dumb baby Potter!” Draco said while grinning. Then he saw Hermione raising her hand up high and laughed “Look at that mud species, we can call her Miss know it all.”

Benjamin was too lazy to even roll his eye, to say the truth, he had already passed the age of giving people nicknames.

“Draco, I think it is better to remain focused on our cauldron” Benjamin is self-serving, of course he didn’t followed Snape’s instructions as he had great confidence in himself.

“You need to believe in me, Professor Snape is my godfather, I had learnt how to do this since young. Wait! Benjamin what are you doing, didn’t I said it to you before, just listen to me and everything will be fine.”

Benjamin actually hesitated before starting to make his potion, as he knew that he should lay low. The best way to do that is to not do anything and to just watch Draco.

However as soon as he stepped into the lab, Benjamin could barely contain his excitement.

Using the words of the Bloody Baron to describe him “Master, is a maniac who would rather live in a lab.”

Yes, Benjamin felt that it is more interesting to interact with dead bodies rather than the living

“Draco, could you please stop yelling, I think you should learn to trust your partner” Benjamin said coldly.

Draco would have started to roar long ago if it was someone else. Pansy and the others looked over curiously from the corner of the room, they all felt that Benjamin is going to end up as a tragedy, as he is going to face the anger of an aristocrat.

Draco, however remembered the feeling that Benjamin’s eyes gave off back at Diagon alley, that bottomless feeling, which made him shut his mouth.

“That’s right Draco, you need to learn how to cooperate and to be quiet” Benjamin thought for a moment and added that word.

From time to time Snape would take a look at the situation inside Benjamin’s cauldron, due to his trust in his godson, he did not laugh meanly at them.

Compared to Benjamin’s side, Harry’s side is in a worse situation.

Benjamin heard all sorts of bad comments about Harry from Professor Snape, leading him to think that Harry was only able to come to Hogwarts due to that ridiculous Saviour title.

It seems in addition to Draco, there is also another person that really dislikes Harry.

“Hey class ended Benjamin, you should listen to me next time….” Draco’s voice trailed off, he was surprised to see that Benjamin’s finished potion is identical to what Professor Snape requested for.

“Did you learn this before? Did you use methods from Germany? No wonder it is different from the professor’s” Draco said in surprise.

Benjamin was just wondering how he should explain it, he didn’t expect that Draco would have taken the initiative to help him out.

“Well, my father taught me a little.”

It is a good thing that Professor Snape did not hear what Benjamin said or he would certainly know that Benjamin is lying, as Duke Ludwig’s wasn’t well versed in Potions.

Benjamin reluctantly left the classroom after Potions has ended.

As Benjamin was walking out, he saw an eyeball in the cupboard, if he did not see wrongly, it is an unicorn’s eyeball, a precious material.

From the looks of it, it seems necessary to have a good relationship with Professor Snape, Benjamin is determined to become the top Student.

The next few days were rather calm, except for the part where Harry managed to join the Gryffindor quidditch team which caused a commotion.

During the weekends it was rainy at Hogwarts, most of the students were staying in their respective house lounges and Benjamin wasn’t an exception.

During the second week, to most students the feeling of excitement has faded while some of the muggle students was still excited, however they all realised that the time they spend at Hogwarts won’t be easier than being in junior high school.


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