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Chapter 24: Spoils Of War

“You?” Professor Snape raised his eyebrow.

To be honest, Benjamin felt that in his heart Professor Snape wanted him to help, but he just didn’t want to admit it.

“I studied at the library everyday.” Benjamin tried to show to Professor Snape that he was a hard working, good student.

Professor Quirrell gave a weak smile and said, “Severus, your student is really hardworking, let him give it a try.”

Professor Mcgonagall noticed that her business here has been concluded and heads off to tell Dumbledore about the events that took place.

“Ok, come and help me move the corpse into my office first.” Professor Snape said with a straight face, it seems that he felt the environment here is too disgusting.

Filled with a disgusting stench.

“Sure, Professor but its body is so big!” Benjamin did not think that Professor Snape’s office would be large enough to fit the corpse in.

When Benjamin finished talking, the corpse has been sliced neatly into 8 different sections and placed nicely on the ground based on different categories.

“This is?” Benjamin said in astonishment, although this spell was not that difficult to cast, but he did not see Professor Snape using his wand at all.

This is wandless magic?

Instead of explaining to Benjamin, Professor Snape instructed him to quickly bring back the materials back into his office.

“Well, i’ll be heading off first, Severus.” Professor Quirrell tightened his turban and left.

In the office.

“You are to help me extract a test tube of blood from the head, half a test tube of blood from the jaws and to extract as much blood as you can from its body, i will personally extract the eyes myself. You don’t need to be concern about its lower half as its useless.” Professor Snape casted a protective spell on the eyes before wearing white gloves before proceeding to extract them.

Benjamin firstly washed his hands thoroughly before taking the test tube and syringe.

“Professor, could you give me a small portion of its blood from the lower body?” Benjamin boldly asked as he had already thought of a reason.

For example, i have a vampire bat for a pet, i would like it to try new flavors of blood?

Professor Snape, did not even look up and said “Oh, you want this trash?”

Benjamin felt very happy, however he felt upset that by his emotions, how was he going to survive if he was so emotional.

Using the sharp and slender needle, Benjamin slowly pushed it into the Troll’s head.

“Did Madam Pomfrey not teach you how to inject a needle into the temple?” Professor Snape said unhappily.

Benjamin quickly took the needle out, how was he supposed to know how to draw blood from monsters.

The green blood quickly filled the test tube, it was thicker than human blood. Benjamin believes the smell of the blood isn’t pleasant too.

“Why are you staring at it for, place it in the closet to my right, don’t tell me you are preparing to drink a sip to taste the flavour.” Professor Snape said mercilessly.

Benjamin’s face turned red. If he wasn’t a student, well he would have retorted Snape in defiance.

“Ok, Professor.”

Obediently extracting all the blood according to Professor Snape’s request and placing them in the cabinet, Benjamin walked over to Professor Snape’s side.

“Are these the eyes of the Troll? Is it worth a lot of money?” From the start he saw Professor Snape taking good care of the Troll eyes as he feared it would be damaged.

“Although the Troll is a stupid creature, it know that its eyes is the most valuable part of its body, so when it is dying, it would choose to destroy its own eyes. You were lucky this time and managed to pick up a bargain.” Professor Snape explained coldly.

Benjamin felt speechless when he listened to him, it was obvious he gave those materials to him, but he still said he picked up a bargain.

“Alright, you should return back to the house lounge. Mr Ludwig, even if tomorrow is a holiday, the night curfew for Hogwarts is still in place.”

Benjamin started to leave, he directly took away the lower half of the Troll’s corpse under Professor Snape’s eyes.

“Oh, our hero, the Troll hunter, Benjamin!” Draco said triumphantly as he apparently caught wind of the news.

Troll hunter? What is this weird title? Benjamin glanced at Draco.

Pansy started to shout.

“Benjamin, what is that in your hands?, i believe that is a disgustingly big foot! How long has it been since it had been washed!”

Benjamin brought the foot closer to her and said “it is? It’s a foot from the Troll, i think it has not been washed since birth.”

“Hiss!” After listening to what Benjamin said everyone exhaled.

But they shouldn’t be surprised that Benjamin could deal with the Troll, after all it is the stupidest magical creature there is.

But many others who were dependent on Benjamin in their relationship have forgotten about that.

“Benjamin is amazing.”

“And he looks so handsome too.”

“Actually, i think Draco looks more handsome.”


. . . . . .


Such conversations have been gradually increasing.

Ever since then, many people have started to call Benjamin a madman for returning to the dorms with the large lower half of the Troll’s body.

Because only mad people would collect parts of magical creatures!

“Oh well, this time i not only obtained blood but i also obtained its bones, bones of a magical creature sounds really prestigious. If they were used in refinement they would definitely be an excellent material.

Benjamin too out his cauldron and placed some clean water in it. When the water started to boil, he threw the Troll’s thigh into it.

It was no surprise that Benjamin was wearing a mask to block out the nasty smell. He thought to himself “If i could go back to my world, i would promote the mask as it’s really useful in blocking out smells.”

“The flesh and skin have started to fall apart, it’s a good thing i extracted the blood ahead of time, otherwise it would have been polluted.”

Benjamin waited till all the flesh and skin had fallen apart, but he didn’t dump it out immediately but threw a bunch of things inside that resembles herbs.

He then proceed to fish out a strongly built and well texture leg bone and placed it on the ground.

“It’s such a good material, hard and pretty, i couldn’t help but kiss it if i didn’t knew it came from a troll.”

Benjamin took his wand and slowly tap it across the bone.

Green marks quickly appeared across the bone.

“I still need to draw a summoning circle.”

Benjamin bit his finger and drew a hexagram on the ground using his blood.

He then placed the Troll’s bone in the middle of the hexagram.

“Death was never the end of the journey. It is a beginning, the beginning of a new journey. With bones for a body. Awaken!”


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  1. “Ok, come and help me move the corpse into my office first.” Is that something you really need help with when you’re even teaching first year students how to levitate objects?


  2. “Ever since then, many people have started to call Benjamin a madman for returning to the dorms with the large lower half of the Troll.” I don’t know but doesn’t the phrasing of this sentence make it seems like he brought back a huge troll dick?


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