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Chapter 23: Troll

Benjamin and Frank heard a scream, it was the scream of a female.

The two glanced at each other and simultaneously said, “That’s Hermione!”

It’s possible that Hermione saw the Troll causing her to started screaming.

Following the screams, Benjamin and Frank came to a stop in front of the females toilet.

The whole place was filled with the disgusting odour of stinky socks and toilets.

“It stinks in here!” Benjamin couldn’t help but cover his nose and exclaimed.

Frank stiffly nodded his head and opened the toilet door.

Then they simultaneously took in a deep breath.

It was a horrible sight. Twelve feet tall, its skin was a dull, granite gray, its great lumpy body shaped like a boulder with its small bald head perched on top like a coconut. It had short legs thick as tree trunks with flat, horny feet. The smell coming from it was incredible. It was holding a huge wooden club, which dragged along the floor because its arms were so long.

In addition to the Troll, there were also 3 childrens in the toilet.

Hermione was sitting on the ground crying while Harry and Ron were pointing their wands at the Troll, attempting to engage in a duel between man and monster.

“Benjamin!” Frank suddenly cried out, causing the monster to hear his voice which made it turn its ugly head over.

Frank held his breath as he realised that he had made a huge mistake.

“Idiot.” Benjamin whispered, he wouldn’t mind showing himself if Frank was the only one here.

However Ron and the Saviour were here as well, he could imagine how they would easily invent a thrilling story about what really happened.

However the Troll didn’t intend to give Benjamin any time to think about what he should do, it raised it’s huge wooden club and swung down mercilessly towards Benjamin’s direction.

“No! Holy shit!” Harry couldn’t help it and shouted, he had to find a way to save that Slytherin. Damn it, he actually had to help a Slytherin!

However, Benjamin didn’t give Harry the opportunity to save him, he waved his wand and calmly casted a spell:

“Wingardium Leviosa!”

Hermione’s eyes widen in shock as she did not expect that the spell would be so powerful, the huge monster actually started hovering mid air and came crashing towards the floor heavily.

For a split second, Benjamin felt that the floor was shaking underneath his feet, a huge dust cloud rose up.

The Troll twitched around on the ground before passing out.

“Benjamin, you did it, you did it! You’re so awesome!” Frank excitedly said, his back was completely drenched with sweat, for a moment there he thought that he would die.

As he is now a zombie, he would not die so easily, but if Benjamin died because of him. Frank believe that he would feel guilt towards Benjamin’s death for the rest of his life.

Fortunately, Benjamin managed to fight off the Troll.

“You’re a clever person, i mean, you actually thought of using that spell.” Harry and Ron sincerely said after managing calming down.

However Benjamin does not intend to get close to the Saviour, as he understood the relationship between most of the family of Slytherin students, Voldemort and Harry Potter.

It involves a big problem that he does not wish to get dragged into.

“It seems that you all are unharmed, i’ll will be leaving then” Benjamin glanced at Frank and turned preparing to leave the scene.

Although in Benjamin’s heart he really wanted to stay in order to take away some of the Troll’s blood.

“Wait!” Hermione stopped Benjamin from leaving.

“What’s wrong? Miss Granger?” Benjamin said it as gently as he could and tried to control himself from glancing at the Troll’s corpse.

“Oh, i mean, thank you! Thank you for saving me, Harry and Ron! If it wasn’t for  you…i….” Hermione started to cry again.

“What happened in here!”

However, Harry and Ron didn’t manage to comfort Hermione before they heard Professor Mcgonagall’s voice came from behind the door.

Benjamin shrugged helplessly, as he already knew that such a sensational event would attract Professors.

“Gosh, a Troll, how did you do that! And Miss Granger, why are you here!” Professor Mcgonagall had a worried and angry expression on her face.

A head full of greasy hair appeared behind Professor Mcgonagall, without a doubt it was Professor Snape.

Following behind Professor Snape was Professor Quirrell, who didn’t knew how he woke up.

Benjamin looked curiously at Professor Quirrell, that strange man, he even dared to come over.

Professor Snape went into the bathroom, and glanced at the Troll. Benjamin saw the thirst for rare and precious materials in his eyes, Professor Snape suppressed his thirst and looked at Harry and Ron with a gloating expression.

Harry clutched his wand nervously, he knew that he ran into trouble as there will not be any good news running into Professor Snape.

“Harry, well done, i didn’t expect anything less from you, both you and your father are so similar after all, experts in causing trouble! Could you explain to me, great Mr Potter, what are you doing here instead of being in your dorms?”

Famous for being biased, Professor Snape ignores Benjamin who also should not appear here.

Harry was still trying to find a way to justify his presence when Hermione suddenly stood up.

“It’s because of me, i thought i was able to deal with the Troll myself, and they, they saved me!”

In addition to Benjamin, Harry, Ron and Frank had surprised expressions on their face.

For Hermione to sacrifice herself for them, it’s so nobel that people can’t help but to cry.

Finally, due to Hermione leaving the dorms without permission, attacking the Trolls, 5 points were deducted off Gryffindor.

However, everyone else gained 5 points each for their house as they managed to successfully defeat the Troll.

On this not so peaceful Halloween night, Gryffindor inexplicably added 10 more points.

“Now, boys, now that things are settled, you all should hurry back to your respective house lounge.” Professor Mcgonagall said to them, as they need to think about how they should deal with the body of the Troll.

Benjamin looked at the Troll, feeling very reluctant to leave, causing him to play dumb, “Professor, the Troll, is it dead?”

After listening to Hermione’s account of what happened, Professor Mcgonagall describe Benjamin as a smart and brave person

When Professor Mcgonagall described benjamin as a smart and brave person he was thinking to himself “Please do not describe me using such nauseating words.”

She kindly said, “i’m afraid so, it unfortunately landed chest side down and as it’s internal organs were all really fragile, one of the main weaknesses of the Troll, which lead to its death.

“Oh, what other weaknesses does it have?” Benjamin asked, while Frank had been dragged away by Ron.

“The eyes, Trolls eyes are incredibly fragile, however they are considered as rare and precious materials, am i right Severus.”

“That’s right” Professor Snape appeared to be a little unhappy and glanced at Professor Quirrell.

“Is there anyone who can help me to extract the precious materials.”

“I, Professor, i think i can try.” Benjamin said excitedly.


4 thoughts on “NGTM 23”

    1. As a gift for not being dead, I’ll give you a poem in a language you will probably not understand.
      Vou-me embora pra Pasárgada
      Lá sou amigo do rei
      Lá tenho a mulher que eu quero
      Na cama que escolherei

      Vou-me embora pra Pasárgada
      Vou-me embora pra Pasárgada
      Aqui eu não sou feliz
      Lá a existência é uma aventura
      De tal modo inconseqüente
      Que Joana a Louca de Espanha
      Rainha e falsa demente
      Vem a ser contraparente
      Da nora que nunca tive

      E como farei ginástica
      Andarei de bicicleta
      Montarei em burro brabo
      Subirei no pau-de-sebo
      Tomarei banhos de mar!
      E quando estiver cansado
      Deito na beira do rio
      Mando chamar a mãe-d’água
      Pra me contar as histórias
      Que no tempo de eu menino
      Rosa vinha me contar
      Vou-me embora pra Pasárgada

      Em Pasárgada tem tudo
      É outra civilização
      Tem um processo seguro
      De impedir a concepção
      Tem telefone automático
      Tem alcaloide à vontade
      Tem prostitutas bonitas
      Para a gente namorar

      E quando eu estiver mais triste
      Mas triste de não ter jeito
      Quando de noite me der
      Vontade de me matar
      — Lá sou amigo do rei —
      Terei a mulher que eu quero
      Na cama que escolherei
      Vou-me embora pra Pasárgada.

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