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Chapter 22: Halloween

Over the next few weeks, nothing major happened amongst the students.

Hermione still only had two friends Frank and Benjamin, although Benjamin doesn’t consider her as his friend.

Within those few weeks Benjamin carried out numerous experiments on Peeves and in modern times it can be considered a very thorough research on Peeves.

Without any new discoveries, Benjamin started to question Peeves on his experiences he had during his life.

But Peeves remained tight-lipped and won’t reveal any information about his life experiences.

“No! Peeves won’t reveal any information to you, brat!”

Even when he was threatened by the Bloody Baron, Peeves still remained tight-lipped.

In the end, he had to give up as he could not kill Peeves, if such an infamous ghost disappears the entire school would know about it.

Even though Benjamin was not afraid from withdrawing from school.

It may lead to people thinking that he is a Death Eater.

Ms Ludwig finally remembered that she has a son studying at Hogwarts, in order to show that she is a loving mother, she sent Benjamin a handmade scarf.

“Merlin’s Beard, Benjamin, that fuchsia coloured scarf looks like something only my Grandmother would use.” Even though Pansy make have good looks and an excellent character, she doesn’t know how to phrase her words to make easy on the ears.

Benjamin’s face starts to turn pale, Draco apparently loved the situation he was in and wanted to add fuel to the fire, he then started to discuss the colour of the scarf with Pansy.

“Draco, hasn’t Mr Malfoy consider a marriage with the Parkinson family yet? I think the two of you would make a great couple.” Benjamin said harshly.

Pansy was very happy to hear that Benjamin felt that they would make a great couple, she even look down to hid her shyness.

“Oh, Benjamin you are absolutely correct in saying that.” Pansy said gratefully.

Crabbe and Goyle started to laugh.

“I think if i interact with them for a long time, my IQ will start to drop.” Benjamin thought to himself involuntarily.

When Benjamin saw that Harry and Ron were laughing hysterically over the bright red scarf that Neville’s grandmother send him, he realised that there was a weird scent in the air.

He realised that scent was the scent of idiots.

Hogwarts students welcomed Halloween cheerfully as it also brought along a 3 day break

There were numerous Jack-o’-lanterns placed along the hallways and the sweet scent of pumpkin permeates the air.

To the delight of most students, Professor Flitwick felt that they were ready to start making objects fly.

It appeared to be a very cool spell, especially after Professor Flitwick sent students pets flying around the classroom.

Today, they would have the chance to try it for themselves.

Both Benjamin and Draco’s feathers started to fly around when most students were just staring helplessly at their feather.

Draco lazily said “Wingardium Leviosa!” Then a feather placed between the both of them start to float up and flew around, it even flew in a circle proudly.

“Merlin’s socks, your feather resembles you, both of you love to show off.” Benjamin said mercilessly.

Draco treated what Benjamin said as a compliment.

“Mr Malfoy, well done, you deserve a round of applause.”

In the afternoon, both Benjamin and Frank were hanging out around the school since they don’t have lessons.

“Ron isn’t a good person” Frank said in an ambiguous way.

Benjamin asked curiously, “Why do you think he isn’t a good person.” Since he rarely heard such an evaluation from Frank.

Frank explained angrily “They are so mean towards Hermione. It is all because of their jealousy and that they are jealous of people smarter than them. Him and the Saviour don’t think about what consequences their actions will bring, and all they do is cause trouble and brag all the time!”

Benjamin shrugged.

Isn’t this normal, talented people tends to draw others jealousy. After all this is how society functions. Benjamin is very satisfied with his own foresight.

During dinner time, almost everyone gasped in shock when they entered the Great Hall.

A thousand live bats fluttered from the walls and ceiling while a thousand more swooped over the tables in low black clouds, making the candles in the pumpkins stutter. The feast appeared suddenly on the golden plates, as it had at the start-of-term banquet.

When Benjamin was cutting his steak, Professor Quirrell who smelled like garlic, Suddenly burst into the Great Hall. He had a horrified expression on his face and his scarf was in disarray.

Benjamin’s button, which is Nana in disguise shook around restlessly.

It seems that the rumours that vampires are afraid of garlic are true after all.

“Troll, Troll in the dungeons, thought you ought to know.” Professor Quirrell said before slumping against Dumbledore’s desk.

When he finished saying, he collapsed onto the floor, fainting.

There was an uproar. It took several purple firecrackers exploding from the end of Professor Dumbledore’s wand to bring silence.

“Prefects,” he rumbled, “lead your Houses back to the dormitories immediately!”

Slytherin’s prefect was in his element.

“Follow me! Stick together, first years! No need to fear the troll if you follow my orders! Stay close behind me, now. Make way, first years coming through! Excuse me, I’m a prefect!”

Benjamin carefully weaved his way through the horrified crowd, especially the group of pale looking Hufflepuffs. Benjamin felt that they would scare themselves to death even before the Troll came.

Benjamin originally intended to follow the crowd back to the lounge but he got caught by Frank.

“Let go of my hand! Oh, Frank, it’s you. Why are you so worried, we are in a public area after all!” Benjamin broke free from Frank’s grasp, these undead creatures really like sticking to their Master.

Frank glanced nervously at Benjamin.

“No, It’s Hermione, Hermione wasn’t in the Great Hall and no one notified her about it too!”

Benjamin glanced at Frank with a hot and proud look in his eyes, when Frank saw that he said “Benjamin don’t look at me like that.”

He didn’t think that refining zombies with feelings would turn out so well.

If he was still in his original world, he would have published a thesis to the Magic and Meditation association and applied for a patent.

He felt like he lost a million dollars.

“Well, we should try and rescue Hermione.” said Benjamin while thinking to himself “Troll, it’s a Troll, who knows what kind of undead creature will come out when using a Troll’s blood for refinement!”



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