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Chapter 21: Insects May Be His Weakness

“No, you are a madman! Release me from your dirty hands!” Peeves said hysterically, Benjamin felt puzzled, did he unexpectedly poke this fat ghost’s sore point?

Bloody Baron was floating behind Benjamin’s back whispered “Master, it’s not right in the head, you don’t have to care about it’s protests”

“Protests, it’s not really appropriate to use this word. To use it on me will only make it seem that i am only a mean person. Peeves, i really wanted to tell you that, i have never gave you a choice to begin with. Well, in fact, you had no choice at all. Of course, the things you had to do are really simple, just come once a week to let me study you. It’s not a problem even if you don’t want to come, i will just make the Bloody Baron bring you over since you are afraid of him. You want to tell Dumbledore? It doesn’t matter, do you think he will believe you? It’s impossible to extract memories from ghosts afterall.”

Benjamin felt a sense of pleasure, since he was in a good mood, he started talking faster and faster and his voice started to sound like he was singing.

Peeves finally gave up resisting, letting Benjamin examine his body using his wand, he then took out a small notebook to take notes.

“Emotions? Such an amazing discovery, i have never imagined under immense pressure ghosts would be produced.”

“Being able to manipulate things is not a new discovery, well at least in my world ghosts can do that.”

“Hmm it seems to have a hatred against students? Well it seems to be deeply rooted, but it’s hatred doesn’t seem to be pure, maybe i should first understand how it was borned.”

“Master, the sun is going to rise soon.” The Bloody Baron kindly reminded Benjamin, when he saw that Benjamin’s eyes were bloodshot.

“Oh, time flies! Well, you can bring it away now. Hmm, when the two of you came here together, the other ghost were not curious?” Benjamin asked while writing something in his notebook.

“Don’t worry Master, they are all afraid of me but they also believe that i am a honest ghost. Perhaps they think i’m just going to teach Peeves a lesson.” The Bloody Baron gave Benjamin a bow, closed the door gently and left the room.

Benjamin only slept for an hour before he had to get up.

He couldn’t help it as the first lesson for the day was Potions, even though he doesn’t have a preference for Potions he still doesn’t dare to be late.

After all not everyone could be like Potter, being able to be accustomed to Professor Snape’s ridicule.

“Benjamin, it’s such a great idea to put toad eggs in. It’s a good thing you chose to enter Slytherin and thanks to that decision i’m awarding Slytherin 3 points.”

“Merlin’s socks, i mean it’s such a flimsy excuse for giving points isn’t it! Why don’t he say, Benjamin due to your handsome look, i’m going to award Slytherin points.” Ron perfectly mimics Professor Snape.

Frank that was sitting next to him laughed and said, “Ron, i was not able to tell that you would think that a Slytherin looks good”

Ron’s face started to turn red. Harry asked “Dude, what’s wrong, is the cauldron too hot?” Ron whispered “you know, those girls said that he is the only male, that can make the nerd like boys”

The nerd was referring to Hermione.

However the person that Hermione likes is Frank.

But no one know that as she is still a bookworm.

“Benjamin, the way you stir the cauldron is very interesting, it gives of the feeling that a wizard from an older generation is doing it.” That sentence should be a compliment but when it comes from Draco it doesn’t feel like a compliment at all.

“Really? Maybe it’s because that Germany is more old fashioned.” Benjamin replied casually, as he always ignores the do’s and don’ts of making potions he finally decided to stop trying to change.

The entire Potions lesson remained calm and safe, at least Neville didn’t manage to blow up the cauldron as he did before.

“I hope for the next lesson you all would bring your brains along as we would be concocting insect repellent. Of course there is a huge difference between our insect repellent and inferior muggle products” Professor Snape announced while standing on the podium.

“Insect repellent?” Benjamin touched his chin. Could it be that there will be lots of mosquito at Hogwarts after Winter, if so it’s not good news.

You need to know that insects are one of the few races that benjamin is afraid of.

Benjamin was walking while thinking if bats would eat insects.

After finishing all his lessons, Benjamin went to the library as usual. He heard that Ravenclaw has their own personal library furthermore it also has books that can’t be found the school library.

“If i had known, i would have gone to Ravenclaw.” Benjamin couldn’t help thinking about it.

“Benjamin? Why are you here?”

“Haha, i come here every day. And i should be the one asking you, why would you come here Mr Portman.” Benjamin frowned while looking at Frank sitting together with Hermione

Frank could not say that he came to find Hermione to have make up lessons, even since he joined Harry’s group he felt that he couldn’t catch up on school work. He felt that he couldn’t go on like this.

“I am doing my homework, you need to know that my goal is to enter the top 3 during the final exam.”

“Such an excellent goal isn’t it” Benjamin mocked him and started to search for his book.

Hermione couldn’t help but smile and said, “Your relationship is great even though the relationship between Gryffindor and Slytherin is like fire and water.”

If you knew that i was killed by him, you would think otherwise. Frank thought sadly and felt that his life was cheap.

“It seems that there isn’t a book about ghosts? That’s weird, unless all the people in this world becomes a ghost after dying?” Benjamin searched the entire shelf and couldn’t find the books he wanted.

“Well, i could read this book too, The Hogwarts Guide To Pest Control, looking at this title i can tell this is a good book”

Benjamin excitedly took the book and placed it on the table to read.

A burst of dust hit Benjamin in the face, it was obvious that no one has ever opened this book in years.

“Haha, let me see, what common insects are there in Hogwarts, that’s it” Benjamin flipped to the page he was looking for.

“DagonFly, a poisonous insect, it’s approximate body size is about the size of an egg. Once you are stung by it, you will start to feel colder and colder, leading to death if you don’t seek treatment. Furthermore DagonFly are rare insects that are not afraid of snakes.”

Benjamin glanced at its picture, it’s a really disgusting creature and it looks really dangerous. “But these creatures are rare these days and they won’t hide in stinky dorms.”



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