Announcement #3

Hi guys, finally another announcement~

I finally got my Reverend Insanity hardcopy novel after waiting for months! Yesssss!


Young Fang Yuan is on the front page. That makes me reminisce the awesome times from volume one.. when he was still a teenage boy T-T)~

Book aside…

Some backstory on me lately and stuff:

So after the Gravity-Qidian fiasco and drama, I honestly lost quite a bit of motivation there for a while (why is it so troublesome to TL this novel that I really like?) and was pretty undecided in what to do next.

I talked quite a lot with some friends, my TL partner, some other people and some fans etc… so yeah, decisions were tough to make, but anyway Qidian Int came to me as well. So after a long time, now it seems like I’ll be heading to QI to work on Reverend Insanity (which is now called Gu Daoist Master, doesn’t look like I can change the name T_T Oh well…)

When I agreed to continue TLing it at QI, they stopped the translation on their site even though the paperwork and stuff weren’t done =_=) Leaving readers confused and panicked… Well fear no more, the pace will pick up soon o.o)/

I’ll be starting from chapter 41 onwards, the site will be replacing the first 40 chapters with Zelsky’s TL, and chapter 41-47 will be retranslated. So you guys would probably have to wait another week for new chapters, hehe.. Also the supposed release pace will be 7 chapters a week.

Novel stuff aside, I know there’s lots of QI haters and anti-QI peeps among my fans and RI readers. I’m no fan of them, but there’s really no other way I can continue working on this novel unless I join QI, sadly. It’s totally fine if you don’t want to go to to read it, I understand :3 If you must go to a novel aggregator site, then I hope you guys at least post comments or discussions somewhere I can see (like NU latest chapter thread maybe?) so I know that you guys are reading it 😀

Oh, since I don’t think I can leave notices and stuff on the QI site, if anything happens I’ll probably post blogs, updates and announcements here ^^


11 thoughts on “Announcement #3”

  1. I’m glad it finally worked out! No more checking your website every day to see what’s up 😀 .
    QI is annoying in its practices, but the website is very polished and nice to use, so I suppose for this one story I’ll just ignore my morals and read it there anyways 😀

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  2. A new Reverend Insanity chapter is one of the few things that can make the bleak future a bit brighter for me so this annoucement was the best thing that happened to me this month (Although to be honest I wasn’t exactly surprised because I’ve been stalking you on NU for any updates regarding RI thus I knew that you’re going to restart translating the novel on qidian soon :P). As I said before I’ll support you regardless of the website you end up forced to translate at (even though I really dislike qidian’s practices). All I hope for is that they treat you well and give you a contract worthy of your awesome translation. Best of luck! 😀

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  3. I also finally found this post , I was waiting everyday “when will you get back Reverend Insanity”.
    And then I see today on NU than another chapter was released , I saw qidan and I was wondering who is the translator so I checked and saw it was you :).
    Well I guess I’m also gonna go against my morals just to read your translation 🙂 . I love the novel and your translation , I’m glad you’re back

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