Important Announcement #2

Hey guys, Sky Farrow here.

Good news for many, I finally acquired the chance to return to translating Reverend Insanity! 😀

That’s right, Qidian Int is no longer in charge of the novel – It has been returned to my care and responsibility and I darn well love it, I hope that many of you guys who have supported and wanted my return to the novel are happy as well :3

It will be hosted on Gravity Tales from now on, wish me luck and stuff… yeah ❤

As for this site, it will still be up, I’m not the only owner/translator in this site anyway, and if future peeps want to host/use a spot on this site, it’s open.

I’ll still be around, and I am always active and pretty easily accessible on most places, especially on NU Forums, Discord and sometimes in here. If you wish to contact me you can do so at NovelUpdates (Sky Farrow) or Discord (Skyfarrow#8632) thanks 🙂


57 thoughts on “Important Announcement #2”

    1. That’s a very interesting profile picture you have there… >_>
      I already did, I translated chapter 1 – 35 before I stopped (because of Qidian) and now I will pick up from where I have left off 🙂

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      1. Nice 🙂 as for my profile its Mushi and the tattoo is BigdaddyN0tail they’re pro players ( DOTA 2 ) . I’ll be reading daoist gu everyday . Have a nice day 😀


  1. Really?? Dont missunderstand, i’m glad you’re back, but REALLY? They tell you to stop translation, publish up to the point you were +3 chapters and then just give it back?

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      1. Their website’s translation sucked for lack of a better word. I hate saying that because I’ve worked as an editor for a couple translations and nothing hurts more than when people say things like to the translator or the editor. However, their work just didn’t flow very well because of problems with grammar and syntax (lots of them) that made it hard to follow. But, I’m glad you’re back and I can’t wait to read it again. Do you know when you’ll start?

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  2. That’s great. On top of being a crappy move from them the QI chapters have been awful and I’ve been leaving a bunch of comments and 1 star reviews to tell them that.
    Can’t wait to read your tls again

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  3. Wow. Awesome I wasn’t happy for QI to have the novel. The translation did not make me love the serie like the way it did like the way you translated. So congratulations.

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  4. If this switching keeps going i just might read the lnmtl… thought the speed from qindan was good why do they wanna drop it now?… what will be your release speed?


  5. Glad it’s back in your hands, from the comments on QI, the translator was barely better than machine translation.
    There are some really good translators on QI, but it seems like the story drew a short straw.

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    1. Yes, I’ll return on chapter 36 onwards, and it’s unfortunate that the story received such bad translation quality…
      But hey! That’s why I get it back I guess 😀


  6. I am really happy to hear that. I was really sad that you couldn’t continue translating but now it seems everything went fine.
    Best wishes,
    one of your supporters from Germany

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  7. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *insert little girls screaming video*
    FINALLY!!! I am so fucking glad i didn’t read “Gu Daoist Master” on QI (even tho i just skimmed 1 chapter to see the translation quality)
    I was so depressed just now but you sir lifted my mood for the better.
    Hope i can still see more of your work in the future as well!

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  8. I feel like you are missing a big part of this whole thing. GT is owned by QI now, in reality this is just a PR stunt to get people off their back. I wonder how long untill you get screwed over because at thr end of the day you now you belong to QI so does all your work.


  9. Qidian translations are pretty crap. They don’t bother to understand their audience at all, I can’t tell if it’s lazy or patronizing. Like with one novel, the old translators had made a word “artificer” because that makes sense to people who have any contact with fantasy genres, then Qidian changed it to “refiner” because that’s the Chinese way which makes it superior.

    Glad to have you back.

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    1. good novel. If you want to be ahead of the novel go to freewebnovel they have already copied and paste most of the novels already. zelsky is late in the novel. nin~


  10. So is it possible to ask, when we could expect to see the return of this novel?

    Also will you be keeping it as reverend insanity or Daoist Gu or something else? I seriously am hoping it is anything other than Gu Daoist Master!

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    1. I think today or tomorrow, well now I’m just porting chapters over as we speak, well definitely sometime this week you’ll see the return on Gravity 😮 Unless something happens, but I doubt so~

      It should be RI, it’s going to be listed as Reverend Insanity on Gravity 🙂


  11. Hey Sky, I dropped off the map for a while. Congratulations on getting your translation rights back! I’m back though, and looking to help edit your stuff 🙂 Add me on discord, I sent a request XD

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    Although I am sad that you didn’t join qin international to translate there (The Handy app of Quidan is just so perfect and AMAZING!!!!!) I still can’t wait to finally start reading the Novel!!!!

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  13. Yo Skyfarrow! How do you do? Is it possible for you to tell us an approximate date when you will start posting GU DAOIST MASTER again on qidian or gravity?

    Thanks bro for letting me a regular read enter the world of Gu Daoist Master

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