Chapter Update #1

Hello guys, Sky here. This is my Chapter Update #1 on Reverend Insanity – Every time I have something to announce on the updates for chapters I’ll use this!

Anyway I haven’t uploaded for 4-5 days since Chapter 11, I apologize to RI fans for the delay, my work has been increasing lately and I haven’t had time to translate.

(Some info about myself: I work as an artist in a game company at the moment and workload is pretty inconsistent, sometimes its really hectic and sometimes the stuff I need to do is more lenient)

As an RI fan myself I want to translate and update as fast as possible so you guys can read more, I really love seeing your comments and any discussions. Since today is finally a Friday, I get to stay up and translate! To cover the delay I will push out 2 chapters this time, please look forward to it and continue enjoying RI!

Thank you~


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